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Roberts' Laminate and Hardwood Flooring Tools

Roberts manufactures tools and applications for installing floors, such as laminate or hardwood floors. Some of the products from Robers that we have here on this website are underlayment, extendible floor rollers for easy installation, floor and wall scrapers, and much more.

Roberts' product line goes as far as floor lamps and more. If you are looking for tools to help you install your floor, then Roberts is likely what you need. Be sure to check back often as we add new Robers flooring products.

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Roberts  Reviews

Have you given any k

Have you given any kind of consideration at all with trnaslating your main web page in to German? I know a small number of translaters here that will would help you do it for free if you wanna make contact with me. by Dayana posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

Hi A!Welcome to the

Hi A!Welcome to the site! I live in Iowa, which definitely gets very cold in the wietrns. When I first started bike commuting, I tried to continue biking to work (a 3 mile roundtrip ride) as much as possible. I switched to using my mountain bike because of the fatter tires that made biking on snow doable. I never did get studded tires, although some cyclists do that and I'm sure it goes a long way in making winter riding safer.Last winter, I had a new baby and spent considerably less time on my bike alltogether. I am our daughter's full time caregiver while my husband works and before she was old enough to bike with me (at 10 months in our case), I couldn't really ride my bike when going places. It's so great now to be able to ride again on a regular basis with her in tow.I'm hoping to continue riding as much as possible this winter. It's going to be different in that it will be my first winter riding with a one year old and I'll have to account for her warmth on the bike. We'll see how it goes.You can find all of my previous posts on cycling in the winter here: S. by Tom posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

thank you so much fo

thank you so much for the tip!! I just have´╗┐ my sheets loose and they are getntig frayed. I know what I'm doing this morning!! I got my machine 2 months ago and plan on using it to help me make holiday gifts!! PLUS I am going to make my own travel photo album from my recent cruise to Greece via Venice!! by Somjit posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

Wow. Whoever you lad

Wow. Whoever you ladies are- you are amnaizg. Thank you so much for sharing your love and inspiration with us, for taking time out of your lives so selflessly to empower your sisters of the world. Some one shared a post with me probably about a year ago, the one about seeing past what it seems, and that post truly touched me but I didnt take the time to look any further on this site, and when I wanted to find that post again I couldnt. But another friend shared that same story on a social network, and I am so glad I found it again. That post touches my heart every time I read it. And now I am starting to look around this site, and I'm glad I came across it again. Thank you for believing in me even though you dont know me somehow it still uplifts me, and is helping me to start to believe in myself again. I cant wait to look around more, but for now I shouldget to bed .should have a couple hours ago in fact! Love you brave girls! I hope you believe everything you post on here and take it in yourselves! by Chuoi posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

You women are amazin

You women are amazing! Thank you for all the afoatmirifns and ephemera. I'm in an Affirmation Journaling class, taking old books, tearing out pages to leave some room, and then collaging over the top of the remaining pages with positive images, words, songs, poems, quotations. Being able to find images that ring true to our souls is what makes each book special. Printing the cards our for the women/girls in the class will be great! i'm so thankful for the work you're doing. We're all damaged in some way in this world, but the healing can begin right now! Hooray! by Kallyellisson posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

Hello! No facebook s

Hello! No facebook site for the cosrue, we are going to go with a wordpress blog (under construction). We plan on offering a few cosrues throughout the year the first starting in November for 2 weeks on Digital Citizenship and Open Learning. We decided to host the site on wordpress because then we can host through our server here in Canada, and then I have control over settings. However, the discussion on the Creation of Open Classrooms can easily happen in facebook. Do you want to set up a group? by Guo posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

Once again you have

Once again you have sent beautiful tignhs to help us recognize the beautiful in us and help us to look for it in others. Thank you for your self awareness and helping those of us searching for it to find it as well. I am taking SR2 right now (didn't take SR1 yet) after meeting you both at Creative Connection and I can't tell you how much it is challenging me and rewarding me. Any Brave Girls reading this thinking of registering for the Soul Restoration courses do it. by Abassi posted on Friday, October 02, 2015

Love the boots! I do

Love the boots! I don't know where all those awesome cwooby boots come from, but would sure like to know. All the ones I can find where I live are kind of plain. Even though I like my boots that are pictured in the video. Thanks for the fun and great free gifts. by Jorge posted on Saturday, October 03, 2015
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